Sourdough Bread Class November 16

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Times: 9:50am to 4pm (Lunch 1 hour)

This is a hands on course where you learn how to bake bread using a sourdough starter culture.  Discover how to control the important variables in bread making along with developing your kneading, shaping, scoring and baking skills. 

Gain an understanding of the history of sourdough bread as well as the different conventional and heritage grains available to bakers.

Price includes:

Full hands-on instruction and demonstrations from Joe    the Baker in a small group setting of six students. 
A takeaway sourdough culture, dough knife and a baking cloche to start your home sourdough journey.
Bread formulas and baker’s notes from the day.
• 3 Sourdough Breads, you have made yourself. 
A vegetarian lunch and refreshments throughout the course.


Further course details

Understanding how grains are milled grain as well as how to blend flours to achieve better flavour and nutrition.

Maintenance and managing your starter culture’s schedule and acidity so it’s ready to make the bread you want when you want it.

Learn the terminology and equipment used when producing sourdough breads including the important “baker’s percentage” formula.

Gain real time insight and tips directly from Joe himself, ask questions and get real answers.

This is an introductory course so no experience in baking is necessary.  You will be guided from start to finish how to make your own breads.