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Friday Bread & Pastry Collection

Please collect your order from the bakery door between 9am and 12pm on Fridays

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Luckily picked up loaf of rye sourdough this morning, as had unexpected guests at lunchtime!! Beautiful bread, highly recommend xx


Delicious bread and great craic as the first stop on the Enniskillen taste experience. 😊


‘Best baguettes this side of France’, say the kids. I say, actually, even better in the majority of cases. AND they loved the breakfast buns. AND they are set on French toast for tomorrow morning. It’s a big win over here!


How the online shop works

The online shop goes live 6pm Sundays and closes at 1pm Thursdays.  It is for Friday collection only.

You click and pay online for your order and collect it on Fridays between 8am and 1pm from the Bread Table at 32 Paget Lane, Enniskillen.